Sunday, August 6, 2017

HO3-- WEEK 5

Quick trip to the new house - and gorgeous fall-like weather!
This week...
-- we took a quick trip out to the new house for a night away! The weather has been gorgeous - 70F without much humidity. So we spent the evening on the porch chatting, munching on chips, you know - the typical. The countdown is on - next time we're there we should have a refrigerator, washer, and dryer! I really only care about the fridge.. food (work and church!) are about the only reasons we leave.
-- my desire to ever visit Sea World was crushed by the documentary Blackfish. You've all probably seen it because it's a documentary on Netflix that was at Sundance in 2013 (but T and I held out getting Netflix until this year so we are still in catch-up mode). I never had any desire to swim with dolphins or interact with other sea creatures - but it is incredible to learn more about them and see evidence of their power!


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