Sunday, June 24, 2018

Meeting the family!
Good times at 6 weeks old!
We love having Dad home!

This week..
-- Elle continues to show us her fun personality. She has always been expressive but she now gives us more frequent smiles and we love conversing back and forth with her coos! 
-- Elle and Mom took a trip to Omaha while Dad was in Florida for work and met Elle's Great-Grandma as well as other dear friends and family. She is so loved! A big thanks to Grandma for helping with the drives as well as all the in-between errands and evening cranky moments. Mom even snuck in a haircut!
-- marks the half-way point of Mom's maternity leave and she is cherishing every moment with Elle!


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Life this minute: Elle napping with Dad as he watched the US Open on Father's Day
Elle's first parade - enjoyed from our front porch swing!
Elle's favorite place - outdoors in the shade!
A cute onesie gifted from a friend/coworker

This week..
-- miss Elle continues to grow and now weighs 10 lbs 8oz at 5 weeks old (that's almost double her birth weight!) We made the first adjustment to her carseat removing the "low birth-weight" pillow that used to be behind her back and sized up from newborn diapers to size one. She is also quickly outgrowing the "newborn" size clothing we have. She is still as cute as can be! We spent more time this week walking laps in our house or out on the front porch swing as she is awake more but not necessarily happy about it! She is most consistently soothed by anytime spent outdoors.
-- we've been loving one of the parks in-town! We sneak over there before the heat of the day and walk along the lake and sometimes spend some time in the grass under a tree. There are many playgrounds and a splash pad within the same area that I'm sure we will frequent in the future!
-- this weekend was Sweedish Days in-town. There were fun events all weekend but it was just too hot for us to take part. We did enjoy the parade that comes down our street! Elle's first!
-- we celebrated T's first Father's Day! We kept things low-key (#newborn) and cooked a meal with some of his favorite flavors (chicken rellenos & raspberry cream pie). "Elle" gifted him a new trimmer for the yard that is cordless so he no longer has to strategically use all 5 outdoor outlets to freshen up the edges of the yard.
-- T also rented a tiller and made serious progress on our backyard this weekend. He brought in dirt to feather the drop-offs by the new concrete and planted seed earlier this summer. Unfortunately, the weeds won in a large section of the yard and it really wasn't as level as we would have liked. He spent a morning tilling the yard and future flower beds and replanting seed. Fingers crossed the grass takes better this time! He also laid weed barrier and edging for our future flower beds around the garage. Slowly but surely we will landscape this place!


Sunday, June 10, 2018

Elliotte's Favorite Place to Nap

Elliotte is a great sleeper and will reliably nap in her car seat, stroller, bassinet, Mamaroo, and snuggled on your chest. However, if I need two hands or for her to reliably sleep, I reach for one of her baby carriers. We've been using her Tula most frequently but we love the Moby as well:

We've walked to the Post Office, cooked lunch, finished the dishes, watered the lawn, and many other household chores while she slept on my chest in the carrier. This past week, we had OB simulations at the local community college where we reviewed obstetric emergencies like hemorrhage with robots that can simulate these situations. So, Elliotte and I drove to Grand Island and she slept in the carrier for the 3-hour simulation! She's the best!