Sunday, July 9, 2017

HO3-- WEEK 1

This week..
-- we spent the Fourth of July at our new house in Holdrege. We caught the local legion baseball game the night before and stayed for the fireworks after. We were impressed at the size of the show! It was a beautiful night and the sun was setting behind us so the weather was beautiful. Plus! Two-dollar rootbeer floats! It was a great night!
-- we thought it would be the last 'camp-out' at the new house before we could quit bringing a cooler back-and-forth. This coming Tuesday we were supposed to have our appliances delivered but NE Mart called yesterday to report that only our dryer is in-stock (we bought everything the first week of May!). Thankfully, we don't truly need the appliances yet but I guess we still have to pack in & out for the time being! I think we will ask them to just defer the dryer delivery until the rest is in-stock..


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