Sunday, July 16, 2017

HO3-- WEEK 2

The lunch crew at Della Costa!
This week...
-- I had some errands to do in Omaha and I was extremely fortunate to be able to meet many of my favorite people for a delicious lunch! We ate at Della Costa in Midtown (which is a fabulous restaurant and even more fun when the meal is shared with people who appreciate great food!) It made the unexpected car repair slightly less painful..
-- well, month, I am working on the Nephrology service (we're all about the kidneys!). It is an interesting rotation because most of the illnesses are things we primary care docs treat - but now I get to learn about them in even more detail. Also, I've been able to tag along to the dialysis unit and gain a little more insight. We're spoiled in Grand Island because all the docs are also great people - but this physician is exceptional. With the 12-month-until-graduation countdown in place, I am anxious to learn anything/everything I can!


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