Sunday, July 2, 2017


Dreaming about furnishing the new house..
This week..
--  T is finally home from Florida! He thoroughly enjoyed his training and is motivated to get to work tomorrow! He keeps reminiscing about speakers he liked, books he wants to purchase, and even challenged me to take a personality test to see how our results compare. He will now work mostly in Kearney so he's currently replanning his daily routine (gym in GI then commute to Kearney? Or commute to Kearney and hit the gym there?). We also need to remember to package leftovers into convenient containers instead of just leaving them in the fridge for him to snag on his lunch break. Little things!
-- was my last week of cardiology - for the month AND for my training! It's wild to see the older class of residents graduate and welcome a new set of residents this coming week. It's also wild to be on the final countdown and working to maximize my last 12 months! I am so grateful to know where I'll be practicing next so I can tailor my training.
-- we will be spending the 4th of July at the new house! We don't have any significant plans (other than a few chores..) but being there is still such a treat! We are also beginning to day-dream about furnishing at least the first floor so I'll be perusing Pinterest and Houzz when I have free time.


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