Sunday, June 25, 2017

HO2-- WEEK 55

T's current view
This week..
-- I am going to keep this short and sweet because my fingers/wrists/everything are sore from a mammoth weed-pulling session this evening against our zombie weeds in our backyard. Let's just say the ground in Holdrege is fertile. Seriously, we had spurge so large that I had to fold it in fourths in order to fit it in the yard waste bag (fun fact: I just had to google pictures to learn its name!). The weeds were so developed I almost felt bad pulling them. BUT, I am proud to say that our previously dirt backyard is now back to mostly dirt! #cantwaittoplantgrassnextsummer
-- T was sent to Florida by Raymond James (the broker he works through at First National). He says he is learning a lot and enjoying his time out there (who doesn't love being minutes from the beach!). They've kept him pretty busy learning mostly about managing customers (I'm not sure they talked financials at all which is super interesting but makes sense..). This weekend, between working with his group on their capstone project, he spent some time on the beach and grilling-out with new friends (who are also Raymond James Financial Advisors but work in other parts of the US).
-- I can't end this blog post without journaling that it was a busy but awesome week filled with evening-fun like dinner with one of my oldest friends, a graduation Luau for the seniors at church, and a final dinner/banquet for our graduating residents. The week sure went fast!


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