Sunday, June 18, 2017

HO2-- WEEK 54

Annual Swedish Days Parade!
This week..
-- I found out we're those neighbors.  We hadn't been to the new house in a few weeks because of our trip to the beach, so, when I visited on Friday, I pulled in to the driveway to see that we have been totally invaded/overtaken by weeds. Our driveway is over 40 yards long (excessive, right?) and every crack was filled with vibrant, emerald weeds. The previously clean dirt on the north side of the house (where we plan to have a garden next year!) obviously has some nutrient-rich soil because it was also filled. I won't even mention the backyard (we plan to keep it just dirt until we finish the garage addition - then we will add sprinklers and grass back there) and it is truly embarrassing.. I could hear the weeds blowing in the wind while I picked the driveway weeds. I drove up after work on Friday so I picked weeds until the sun was completely set (2 kitchen trash bags and 2 grocery sacks full!) and I had a chance to spray the cracks in the driveway before I left town again. But first! I got to watch the first city parade which goes right in front of our house! I just relaxed on the front porch swing in the 70F weather to watch - it was perfection.
-- Travis completed another exam! He now gets to transition from full-time-student-mode to working! Well, that's not exactly true. FIRST, he has to endure 2 weeks (all-expenses-paid) in Florida. Rough, right?  I'd consider visiting over the weekend, but of course, it happens to be my call weekend! So he'll spend his days at this conference at work and is working to schedule fun things on the nights/weekend like deep sea fishing, Tampa Bay Rays game, etc.
-- I can't end this post without a shout-out to my dad for Father's Day! (And to all the other wonderful men who have also made such a big impact on our lives!) Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the love, support, and belly laughs. We are so lucky to have you!


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