Sunday, May 14, 2017

HO2-- WEEK 51

This week..
-- we decided to spend a weekend glamping in our new house. We had originally planned a camping trip but it morphed into a few nights at our new place (still with half of us sleeping on air mattresses!) and a lot of good food. My parents first met us for dinner Friday night at The Odyssey and then we ate Saturday night at The Speakeasy. In between, we ate basically non-stop at our place between the entire cooler, mini fridge, and multiple shopping bags of food we brought. We also golfed 18 holes (well, the boys golfed and the girls drove the carts), played games, completed a few chores, and had a campfire in the backyard. It was a great staycation of sorts!
-- we would also like to publicly wish both our mothers a very happy Mother's Day! We were spoiled and able to spend some time with each of them today. Such a good day! T and I wouldn't be where we are today without our lovely mamas. We are the luckiest!


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