Sunday, April 30, 2017

HO2-- WEEK 49

This week..
-- we went to an arena football game! We love any live sport but this was especially fun since we sprung for close seats at midfield. There were a couple tackles in to the wall right in front of us - thankfully we didn't end up with any football players in our lap like others did! Though T was a little disappointed he didn't catch a ball.. There isn't a large crowd at the games but between the over-enthusiastic quarterback and announcer, it was a great time. Plus, the event center is only like 2 minutes from our home. Can't beat that!
-- we've been pre-shopping for appliances we plan to snag during the Berkshire Hathaway sale next week at Nebraska Furniture Mart. Gotta love living in a smaller town and shopping for everything online! We are slowly but surely starting to furnish our new home!


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