Sunday, April 9, 2017

HO2-- WEEK 46

There is a mattress (albeit borrowed!) in our new home. Progress!
 This week..
-- T and I saw very little of each other because about 30 hours after I returned from the conference T left for Kansas City for a week-long review course for his test he takes tomorrow. Unfortunately, the call-schedule gods didn't get the memo and so I was on-call the night he got home.. hence the little time together. But we had fun the rest of the weekend! The weather was gorgeous so we spent Saturday night with some friends having the first BBQ of the season and then spent Sunday afternoon after church at our new house (T studied for his test on our front porch swing and I did other important things like unpacking the new bedding..). I also baked the first treat in our new oven- lemon poppy seed bread! We met a few more neighbors (they are all so sweet!) and then even watched a late afternoon rain/hail storm on the front porch. We packed a 'picnic' lunch (since we haven't purchased a refrigerator yet) of an asian spinach salad and honey lime fruit salad. We are completely head-over-heels for our new place.
-- I was able to spend a morning with my childhood best friend and her three little boys! This rotation doesn't make us work every minute of the work-week so I've been doing my best to enjoy it! I brought a strawberry poppyseed salad I had a taste for (but couldn't eat the whole recipe by myself with T being out of town!) and we enjoyed a morning catching up and sharing tips on living in our small-towns. Adult friend-dating is hard, so I am especially glad for old, low-drama, low-maitenance friendships!
-- I also ordered a new bathing suit (online!) because we're going to Virginia Beach for a week this summer. Have we talked about this? Anyway, we're super stoked to spend the week with my family and now that we've booked our flights it seems super real and soon. So, I lusted over this bathing suit online (you know when you just instantly love something you see in a store? Doesn't happen often for me..) and I splurged and bought it (in multiple sizes, because, hello, bathing suits and online shopping..). BUT, the biggest reason it popped in my head for the blog today (you do know that I have no organization or preparation for this blog.. I totally just sit down and word vomit every week w/e comes to mind first) is because it is now sold out. I only double-checked because I thought it may be included in a new sale which would have made me royally made at my time. Anyway, I'm super excited that I impulsively bought it earlier this week and fingers crossed it fits and/or is as cool in person as I'm imagining. T doesn't get it at all. We've both had the same bathing suits since we got married (almost 6 years ago!) and he doesn't understand why I need another one..


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