Sunday, March 19, 2017

HO2-- WEEK 43

Because I haven't put a picture of T on the blog for a while..
(and a different view of the new house)
This week...
-- we enjoyed a local high school's musical, Sister Act! We are spoiled in Grand Island as both of the public schools have amazing arts departments and put on incredible shows (recent shows including In The Heights, Shrek, Mary Poppins, and now Bring It On will be the Fall musical!). T and I know a handful of teens at each school from church which makes it even more fun!
-- we spent less than an hour at the new house when we took a quick trip to drop off a couple pieces of furniture. The weather is gorgeous for March (75F!) so we considered driving over this afternoon to sit on the porch swing - but thought that may be a little much when we can totally sit outside at our current place. When I get 'home sick' I entertain myself by window shopping online. I bought some fancy soap + hand lotion to set on the kitchen sink but I haven't made any other purchases yet.
-- I'm still working with orthopedics through the end of the month and T is still studying for the different licenses! He's pretty fed-up with studying but he's hanging in there! And I'm trying to remember all of my studying tips that didn't involve sugar..


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